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Himanshu & Brinda
23 February 2015
Just me and my mind, had been facing each other on an empty field for a while. A partner search can be daunting and exciting all at the same time! One such chance interaction with a stranger on a casual evening on messenger changed everything for me.... We've known of the existence of each other for not more than 7 months now. Thatís an incredibly short period of time for us to open up to each other and get to truly Ďexperienceí each other completely. Life Ė is too long or too short, the way we look at it, however now that we have seen that spark of hope and happiness in each other, I am sure we can both work towards ensuring that weíre the best we've got and celebrating that fact!! ÔĀä The feelings and the emotions we experience when weíre around, or when we talk are difficult for me to describe. In life, all of us do need a functional name for this indescribability, Ďcompanionshipí feels the most warm to me, so thatís what I use. In every relationship, Iíve always looked for what the Greeks called ĎKalos Kai Agathosí Ė The singular balance of good and the beautiful and she totally epitomize it for me! Thank you for being the cupid for this match made in heaven!!