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Shreyash & Khyati
19 February 2010
Well u see I was a member of and while searching I saw this girl who caught not just my eye but also my heart...I sent her a request ...she liked me but as I was in australia in she in india we both needed some time and wanted to know eachother more...we started mailing and then we started talking on the phone and then webcam...Everytime we would talk we were thankful to for making us meet...It was just like a dream come true...It is said that marriages r made in heaven, so in the existing world if there is any E-Heaven for marriages it is Shaadi.Com and it has just worked like a cupid for us... I heartily thank Shaadi.Com , because of this medium I met the girl who lives and rules my heart now.I wish all the best to team..Thank you. Shreyash & Khyati.