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Iqbal & Shabana
25 January 2007
Salaam, First of all we will say its a great website. Thanks for helping us find each other. Both of our family were searching for our better half from last three years. But we never thought we will get each other through On 5th of july 2006 iqbal sent his proposal to his shabana on shaadi. She accepted, then he became paid member after one month and mailed her his father's number so that her father can contact his parents. Parents fixed up a meeting after 15 days, but within these days we knew each other through mails. Shabana met his parents on railway station on 11th of sep and it began. That was the day we talked to each other on phone the very first time. It was tough for both of us. Then after that we realised that Allah has made us for each other. we are of same nature. We have similar tastes, we have same hobbies, even we were at same place in our chilhood. Its all unbelievable and everything is possible because of only. We meet many people in life but Our relation is a blind faith, blind love that doesn?t need any proof. We got engaged on 7th of Oct and that was the very first time we saw each other. We both are of shy nature so couldnt face each other properly but somewhere from our heart corner we thanked Shaadi members. By the grace of Allah we got married on 27th of Nov 2006. Now we are living our life happily. We both need everyone's blessing. MAY ALLAH BLESS US !!!! regards to IQBAL AND SHABANA