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Neha & Amit
30 January 2007
Well, I'm finally married!!!! the hunt for the right person went on for a couple of years and all sources failed. I guess the difficult part or the hurdle was the fact that I was in Sydney and my parents were in India. This is where proved most beneficial. Amit's profile was listed here and when the initial exchange of mails started, I could have never imagined that this was the one that was going to finally wotk out! He was working in India and I was living in Sydney! I was disappointed and fed up of seeing bio-data's, pictures, meeting people and answering the same questions over and over again. I had been to India twice in the last year and still no luck. Everytime something about the guy or the family would not match up. Amit's profile seemed to click and when the intial response came, I was in India. Our family's met up in India and though it seemed a bit awkward at first, but we all soon became very comfortable. I then requested to meet Amit alone over lunch. He seemed to be very easy going and calm and friendly. We both agreed to keep in touch (as I was going back to Sydney soon). After about 3 months we said yes and a small ceremony was done in India. The date for the wedding was fixed for 7th Jan. Meanwhile Amit also got a job in Australia and came over in October. So it all finally worked out so well. We are now very happily married and are great friends. I guess one should not be disappointed. If out of frustration, I had deleted my profile from, I would have never found Amit :-) A big THANK YOU TO SHAADI.COM :-) The match was made in heaven but we could not have know that we existed, if not for this site!!! Sine We live in Austrlaia, I've given below the contact details for my parents in India. Me and Amit will be going to India in March - April.