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Sunaina & Siddharth
30 January 2013
We started off as two strangers not interested in the other and ended up as two soul mates that can?t live without each other. (Journey started through Shaadi Centre) I always had whimsical dreams, just like any other girl, of a white knight in shining armour atop a valiant steed riding to woo me as I stood coy and blushing waiting for him. Little did I know that my dream would be thus realized with Siddharth being a part of my life. Our journey started in October 2012, whence I received a LinkedIn invite from Siddharth (as I had not given my contact details on my shaadi profile). I did not know who he was and what he did for a living, but accepted the request because I loved the way he smiled in his photograph ? it radiated honesty and trust. I subsequently replied to his message and got talking to him. And before I knew it, we were talking with each other as if we had known each other for ages. It may be perceived as a very short time to get to know someone, but we did end up becoming crazy about each other within a few weeks. I asked him if he believed in soul mates and Siddharth replied that he had faith in God to make someone special for every man. I am not too sure whether every person finds that special someone, but I knew instantly that I was created for him and here I am today, confessing to the world how I feel about him. It has always been a notion to find a friend in one?s husband. I was lucky to find a husband in my friend; lucky to find someone who always cares for me and wants to see me happy despite his own happiness. I would walk to the ends of the Earth to meet him, just as I know that he would cross deepest oceans to come to me. Funny, how love changes people's lives. I never expected to either meet or find someone as amazing as him. He touched my heart in so many ways that just words could not explain how I felt for him and how much I loved him. ?Dream is but a fanciful illusion, hardly a reality often an illusion. Dream is but a flying castle, the bricks of which are made of airy vessel. Oh Dream! Fly to me from the world of the subconscious to the conscious when I need you the most? I then realized he was the one with whom I would want my Dreams to become reality. He made me feel complete and I wanted to be with him forever. That?s when we decided to tie the knot and be with each other for the rest of our lives. We got married on December 25, 2012 - thanks primarily to two ladies who have been guiding forces and guardian angels - my Mother-in-law, who initiated the conversation and Seema from Shaadi Centre who cajoled me to at least have a glance at Siddharth?s profile. It?s been less than a month and we are sure that we were destined to meet because we are made for each other. Thanks for being part of my Life and I promise to be with you forever and ever and ever!!!