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Reshma Shah & Ajith Dhati
06 June 2013
Ajith expressed interest in me on my birthday, his profile seemed funny and genuine so I thought as a birthday present to myself, l would accept the interest. We started talking the day after and the connection was immediate. Our conversation flowed seamlessly and before we knew it we were speaking every day, all day for multiple hours. We learned that I worked across the street from where Ajith lived and he went to school near where I lived. If those weren't clear signs, then I don't know what is. After two weeks of this, we nervously decided to finally meet. Ajith not being a big planner, asked me out but forgot to actually make dinner reservations. We had a joke about it and decided to go see a movie instead. The conversation and connection was just as easy and intense as it was over the phone. Ajith and I saw each other every day that weekend and the rest as they say is history. Thank you Shaadi for helping me find my soul mate! :)